Singles and Doubles Match

11 Pax made it out for a mainly pedestrian workout. Colder than usual morning, but nothing that the COP can’t handle.

Mosey to tennis courts for warm up lap


SSH X 20
Jeff Imperial walker X 20
Seal jack X 20
Little baby arm circles forward X 15
LBAC backward X 15
Prisoner squat X 20
Moroccan Night Club X 15
Arms Straight up circles X 15

The Thang

4-Corners – Deconstructed Celebration Burpees x 15 OYO
1st Corner: Squats X 15
2nd Corner: Leg thrusts X 15
3rd Corner: Merkins X 15
4th Corner: Cheerleader Squat Jumps X 15 (jump squats where at the end you extend you arms like you are a cheerleader, throwing confetti, or throwing sand)

Partner Up for this one.   Size does not matter (or so she tells me)
Dora Pyramid – 1,2,3,3,2,1
Calf raises (100)
Mtn Climber (200)
Jump squats (300)
Wall sits 5mins (300sec)
Lbc (200)
American hammers (100)
Bear Crawl to tennis net and Crab Crawl back


Merkins X 10 OYO (so we hit the 25 Merkins for the Push Up Challenge)

Pax got in a plank circle. Each person had to say F3 name, who EH’d you to get into F3, and five count of fave plank position. (Meatball, BM, and Twinkle Toes got multiple shout-outs. Nice!!)


Bridge Run 2/18, Dolphin Day 2/25, F3SSI 1-Year Anniv, 3/4, St Pattys Tough 3/17, 1st Responder 4/29, Mud Run 5/20

Q’s needed for all workouts in February, which is quickly approaching. There is a new signup procedure, so please ask Cow Tipper, Hee Haw or, Nomad how to get your name on the list. Newer guys that have not Q’d before. I would like to offer to split Q’ing a workout with you to take a little of the pressure off. Once you see how fun it is to bark out orders lead the Pax and listen to them groan, you will be hooked. It is no big deal. Hardest part is signing up.

The Q for Rubicon on Wednesday Feb 1. (next Wed) is open and I will be out of town. Someone new step-up to the challenge.

Thanks for the hard work out there, guys.  I heard lots of moaning and groaning, which sounded like progress to me!!!!  Also a lot of modification, mainly from the Q on the Dora work.  My butt hurts.

Beast Mode award goes to BM who impressively work a Ruck sack for most of the workout.



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