Beach Coupons!

Awesome turnout this AM, sorry I had to call the 1 minute warning from 200 yards away in the dark, the beach ruck ran late and we were busy setting up coupons on the other side of the AO to be discovered later. Thanks Tin Man for checking in on my status, ensuring I wasn’t Fartsacking my own Q. Also good to see our F3 brother Matlock visiting from Savannah, present for the 2nd time since Xmas.

Tha Thang:

Mosey to the end of the Pier:


  • LBAC x 25
  • LBACR x 25
  • Iron Cross
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 31 (keep everyone on their toes)
  • Chinooks x 20
  • Moroccan Night Clubs X 21 (everyone can think D2 for being LIFO)
  • Wonderbra x 25
  • (Finally Recover – everyone was complaining their arms hurt? hmmm)
  • Imperial Walker x 25
  • Crunchy Frogs OYO x 15 (people chattering about getting dirty on the pier?)
  • Protractor w/ Flutterkicks (90,60,45,10,FK, 90,45,10,FK,10, DONT RECOVER)
  • straight into Dolly x 15
  • Rosalitas x 15, Recover

Mosey to Casino (indoor for proper audbible)

  • Chumbawampa – Constant SSH + 27 Burpees over 3:20 time

Mosey towards lighthouse, stop at picnic benches:

  1. Dips x 20 OYO
  2. 3 Count step ups – 1. Bench, 2, Tabletop, 3. Knee to Chest x 15 OYO

continue to lighthou1se, sent D2 back to AO start go grab both of the Flags

  1. PAX performed various plank positions awaiting D2 to cross the AO & Back


(3) 10′ PVC “slosh tubes”, (2) 30# rucksacks, 2 brick bags, 40# sandbag, (2) 60# sandbags, #30 single ruck plate plus F3 Flag and US flag — LOW TIDE! head down the beach with some pace – alternate coupons after a few minutes – continue down the beach – Halt!

  • PVC big boy situps – divide evenly across each of the slosh tubes, interlock legs (everyone became much more familiar with one another) – perform 20 situps while passing the PVC back and forth at the top –
  • BRING SALLY UP” Squat beatdown (WITH PVC, of course, 3:45 song) – PAX assembled into 1 long line with the 3 PVCs and demonstrated great teamwork In cadence as we destroyed our legs, ouch!
  • Spread out the 3 PVC on the beach 10′ apart  – BEAR CRAWL Figure 8s – pax divided evenly on either side of the line and weaved through eachother as we performed the figure 8s, starting and finishing at the same point after completing one complete ‘8’. – actually looked pretty sweet.

Mosey back to AO picnic benches swiftly with coupons, alternating coupons ever few minutes.

  • Good ole fashion Smokehouse courtesy of Hee Haw:
  • 1 Derkin, 5 Merkin, 10 Incline Merkin, 15 Dips, 20 LBS
  • Rinse and repeat 1 time at other benches across AO

Workout Complete! Thanks everyone for giving me all yall got for an entire hour, enjoyed your company on the beach this beautiful morning becoming better and stronger for ourselves, our community and our loved ones.


Bridge Run 2/18, Dolphin Day 2/25, F3SSI 1-Year Anniv, 3/4, St Pattys Tough 3/17, 1st Responder 4/29, Mud Run 5/20

Continued prayers for Sir Gutenman as well as Bundy’s M.


Special shoutout to Hee Haw who rucked 99.5% of this workout – impressive sir. Noted.


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