Super Dolphin Day Double Down

First off, thanks to Chaser for the beatdown in Columbia that I posted to at Columbia Hammer on Tuesday AM. I straight up copied it because it was too good not to share with the PAX of SSI GA!.  We met up at the F3 Information table (conventionality next to Love and Sweat, where is [...]


Gutenman’s Swan Song

1/14 We've had a great start to the New Year, and today 12.5 pax decided to fight the FOO and get better. Today's focus was on remembering that it's not about YOU! Gave the Disclaimer then mosied to the flag pole COP-IC 10-SLOW LBACF 10-SLOW LBACR 10-SLOW Chinook's 10-Moroccan Night Club 10-SLOW Iron Cross 20-Wonder [...]

Magnificent Mainland Multitude

YHC was beyond honored to Q our first & best ever workout at The Coffin. The turnout this 56 degree morning in mysterious and foreign territory could not have been any better. We welcomed back 2 Kotters and welcomed 4 FNGs into our PAX (19 TOTAL attendees showed up!). I want to personally thank each and every one of [...]