Stumpy the Q

It was a great morning to get together and train. The rain over the course of the previous night made for a wet AO; which just happens to be my favorite type.  I was joined by Loveseat and Milkbone. As this was my first attempt and Q'ing, I did not know exactly what to throw [...]


Rubicon circuit

As usual, it was an intimate gathering at Rubicon, though this did give us a chance to catch up a little with each other while working out.  Got in close to two miles running too. We even briefly visited the pool afterwards to say hey to @catnip. Warmup - 15 IC SSH, 10 IC Windmill, [...]


It was a pretty intimate affair this morning, but it was great to chat and work out with some less familiar faces (at least to me).  I learned that Fairweather was a former regular and recently moved right across the street, so hopefully we'll see him at future Rubicons.  And it was impressive to see Bragger up [...]


Today was a ruck workout for all participants. All exercises done IC 10-LBACF 10-LBACR 10-Chinook 10-Moroccan Nightclub 10-Wonder Bra Marched 1 mile to GMS with a 60# sandbag being tossed around 10-Squats 10-SSH 10-Squats Marched 1 mile back Great morning! Got to introduce Evita to the world of ruck. He dominated the sandbag


With the pax groaning from @Warpig's beatdown yesterday, YHC decided to show some mercy. Rucking was just wat the doctor ordered. Lots of mumble chatter. Loveseat got to experience rucking for the first time. We did a little over two miles with overhead presses, standing rows, and squats at the halfway point. Short, simple, but [...]