The Ultimate Workout!

So it wasn’t the coldest workout of the year! But is was definitely The Coolest! We started off with a light stretch followed up with 16 side saddle hops to get us warm. After that we mosey’d over to the baseball field for a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee. We numbered off into two teams, [...]


Virgin Q!

14 courageous men joined us for Bird Feeder's Virgin Q on this muggy Thursday morning. Light Mosey to the Traffic Circle, which has since been re-named. 15x Side Straddle Hops: In Cadence 15x LBAC: In Cadence 15x LBAC - Reverse: In Cadence 10x Jeff Imperial Walkers: In Cadence Mosey to Back of School and split into three groups for Modified [...]

Swim Buddy adventures

BM and I started the work out early. He rucked to my house 2 miles in 22min, then we rucked to the AO in about 34 min. Started out with a little mosey to the far side of the school Disclaimer -COP Ssh x20, Lbacf, Chinooks, lbacr, Moravian  night clubs x15, Jeff imperial Walkers x15 [...]

Magnificent Mainland Multitude

YHC was beyond honored to Q our first & best ever workout at The Coffin. The turnout this 56 degree morning in mysterious and foreign territory could not have been any better. We welcomed back 2 Kotters and welcomed 4 FNGs into our PAX (19 TOTAL attendees showed up!). I want to personally thank each and every one of [...]

Yea, though I walk through the valley…

One would expect that long sleeve shirts would be appropriate garb for an early morning late-November workout, however, we were quickly reminded that Southeast Georgia does not abide by the meteorological standards of the rest of the country. Thus, sleeves were rolled up, skull caps were done away with, and the work was commenced... In [...]

Big Smiles & Cheesy Eyes

A Pax of 7 rolled out this morning.  We started with some slow stretch exercises, then moved into full blown awkwardness of big cheesy smiles and smiley eyes. Follow the leader/simon says run to the round-about.  Regular run, high knees, regular run, butt kickers, regular run, high-jump skip, regular run, sprint around the loop... plank it up until 6 is complete. SSH IC [...]