Started with a proper disclaimer, hitting all 5 main points! I am not a professional You are exercising at your own risk You are responsible for your own well being You are here voluntarily and understand that the workout is free Know your limits and modify Today is the 68th day of the Push up [...]


Virgin Q!

14 courageous men joined us for Bird Feeder's Virgin Q on this muggy Thursday morning. Light Mosey to the Traffic Circle, which has since been re-named. 15x Side Straddle Hops: In Cadence 15x LBAC: In Cadence 15x LBAC - Reverse: In Cadence 10x Jeff Imperial Walkers: In Cadence Mosey to Back of School and split into three groups for Modified [...]

Swim Buddy adventures

BM and I started the work out early. He rucked to my house 2 miles in 22min, then we rucked to the AO in about 34 min. Started out with a little mosey to the far side of the school Disclaimer -COP Ssh x20, Lbacf, Chinooks, lbacr, Moravian  night clubs x15, Jeff imperial Walkers x15 [...]

Twinkle Toes goes to BWK

Ahhhh, my first Q in da 'Wick! Disclaimer COP-IC 10-SSH 10-Seal Jack 10-Squats 10-Ballerina Squats 10-Twinkle Toes Squats The Thang-IC 20-LBACF 20-LBACR 20-Chinooks 20-BamBam's 20-Morracoan Night Clubs 20-Wonder Bra 60 Second Iron Cross (if any one drops we repeat) Mary-OYO Partner Up Partner 1-20 LBC Partner 2-Hold Feet 6 inches Flap Jack Partner 1-10 Leg Lifts [...]

It’s too cold for this…

Okay, so "cold" is relative and at about 44 degrees on St. Simons Island I was personally about 16 degrees from comfort. There should be no way I, the Q, Inmate, would be here unless I was conned into Qing this late in the season where I know cold (relatively) weather is far too possible [...]