Flipped out

7 HIMs joined for the tire flip fun. Split team in two, one team flipped the tire around the lot (doing a merkin after each flip) other team chaed around the circle and takes over flips. Back and forth. 2 full circles. Some alternate movements on the cones, shuffles, backwards. Stretches! Important. Close out .


Man that was tiring

Nothing bonds men together more than suffering together. Today, we bonded. Split in two teams we took turns pulling a tire around the parking lot for 40 min. The fact that we relied on each team member to pull their weight (literally) made each of us work harder than we normally would. Good work, seek [...]

Battle Buddies 1-14-23

When Loveseat ask Sharktooth if he was coming to F3 this morning, Shartktooth ask who had the Q. Loveseat replied that Hee Haw had the Q, and Sharktooth ask if he played games (Dodgeball, Kickball, Ultimate frisbee, etc...). Loveseat told him no, that his workouts are simple to understand, simple movements, high reps, and difficult. [...]

Renegade beat down

9 HIMS gathered for the workout - Warchicken (wardaddy), Butterfield (respect), Heartbreaker (respect), Figet Spinner (respect), Warpig, Gump, Lowlights, D2. After warm ups got after it. At the pick up lane, alternated various movements, run, shuffle, backwards back and forth with a sprinkle of merkins and squats. Out at playground laddered 10 pull-ups to 1 [...]

Chasing your tail

7 HIMS joined in the wet and cold gloom to work hard. Warm ups and disclaimers Da thang: 3 teams each moseying counterclockwise around the parking lot chasing the next team to take over their exercise. Exercise 1: tire drag Exercise 2: ball toss Exercise 3: running 35 minutes later we closed out, prayers, announcements. [...]