Mr T’s Fish Fest

There were 4.... ONLY 4 Men who took pity on the fools that didnt post! (waited on CowTipper and Bearded Millennial)  Crickets..... Disclaimer Quick COP: 15 SSH, 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers, 15 Temp squats, 15 LBAC F/R That Thang: Since our lovely pier is in the shape of a T, hence the creative name of [...]


It’s too cold for this…

Okay, so "cold" is relative and at about 44 degrees on St. Simons Island I was personally about 16 degrees from comfort. There should be no way I, the Q, Inmate, would be here unless I was conned into Qing this late in the season where I know cold (relatively) weather is far too possible [...]

Glory Days

Conditions:  58 degrees F and clear It was time for f3 SSI to take a trip to the glory days.  As a former college athlete, we returned to the grueling workout that ended each year's 2-Week session of 6 am's. Disclaimer Warm-O-Rama: Mosey Arm Circles (Forward and Backward) Side-straddle hops Stationary Lunges Mosey Tha Thang: [...]

Gutenman’s Swan Song

1/14 We've had a great start to the New Year, and today 12.5 pax decided to fight the FOO and get better. Today's focus was on remembering that it's not about YOU! Gave the Disclaimer then mosied to the flag pole COP-IC 10-SLOW LBACF 10-SLOW LBACR 10-SLOW Chinook's 10-Moroccan Night Club 10-SLOW Iron Cross 20-Wonder [...]

Brunswick AO is Named: Rubicon

I had the honor of announcing the name for the newest F3 St. Simons AO located at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick: RUBICON. Rubicon means to do something that you cannot later change and will strongly influence future events.  For me, this is what it is all about.  Becoming better for my family, community, and self. [...]