Ladder Time

Eleven men met in the hot, humid, windless gloom. Warmed up with some weed pickers, arm circles, tempo squats, and tempo merkins. Mosey to bus lane. Completed three ladders up to eight reps and back. Each set consisted of three exercises. Move two columns between reps. Set one: Merkins, Squats, LBCs Set two: Alternating Shoulder Taps (2ct), Monkey Humpers, and American Hammers (2ct) Set three: Plank Jacks, Alternating Lunges, and Flutter Kicks (2ct). Slowsy thru playground back to parking lot. Finished with some short sprints with Merkins mixed in. All total 597 reps if your counting.

Had to FNGs. They are brothers. Welcome Mr. Furley and Mukbang. HQ this afternoon at Growler Factory. Continued prayers for Uptown’s mom and others fighting addictions.


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