The perfect getup

We gathered in the gloom to kickstart the day by sweating out weakness. After an easy warm up of side straddle hops and a few stretches we got right to da thang:

Each man had a weight they could overhead press with one hand repeatedly. Cones spaced 10 paces apart.

Start by lunging with dumbell to first cone, with 1 Turkish get up with each hand. Lunge to next cone and one burpee with the weight in each hand (overhead press at top instead of jump). Repeat cycle on next two cones then drop weight and run parking lot.

Return to weight and do it again with 2 reps each hand, run then 3 reps, all the way to 5 reps.

By then we were all pretty warmed up! Lined up a 100 lb sandbag and a 30lb sandbag. Pick a line, each person picks up the bag of choice and carries to the next line.

Close out with announcements, Tuesdays are stocked with get togethers, 8am F3 meeting this am with @d2, 6pm with @warchicken and 8pm with @dodgeball.

Close out prayers.


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