This is not the warm-up

11 HIMs gathered to get some work done and start the day right. We did some light warm up exercises of SSH, Weed Pickers, Finkle Kicks, and LBAC then lined up on the cones in the drop off lane. Mosey to other end of cones then 1 merkin/1 squat. Mosey back, 2 merkin/2 squat. See [...]


Ladder Time

Eleven men met in the hot, humid, windless gloom. Warmed up with some weed pickers, arm circles, tempo squats, and tempo merkins. Mosey to bus lane. Completed three ladders up to eight reps and back. Each set consisted of three exercises. Move two columns between reps. Set one: Merkins, Squats, LBCs Set two: Alternating Shoulder [...]

Diversionary Ball

11 HIMs gathered in the gloom for some fitness activities with a little 10lb ball. After warm ups of weed pickers, SSH, pickle pounders (really starting to like this one!), and Finkle kicks we mosey' d over to the bus side for da thang. After evenly splitting the group into two teams, the ball was [...]