The Longest Warmup

15 HIMs gathered in the morning gloom to start the day right with a workout. D2 only came because he thought I was bringing the big tires. Well due to a broken down vehicle I had to improvise.

We began the warmup by establishing a circle. This in itself was a feat. Finally accomplished we began some Yogi Yoga with up dog, down dog, warrior 1, triangle, and other poses. We mixed in some F3 exercises like peter parker and parker peters, a few merkins and little baby arm circles. Since Fidget Spinner offered up his pool for a post workout dip I thought we could tighten up the core. While in the circle we did flutter kicks while each HIM took turns running around the circle. With 15 of us that took a long time. Finally through we did a little more Yogi Yoga then did another set holding the plank while each HIM ran the circle. Siri showed us some mad skill by doing a lightning fast sprint around the circle. We took a 10 count led by Cowtipper then we tried something new. While in the bearcrawl position, we fed our left leg through the right side to a sitting position then back. Did the other side. Now that we knew what to do we did it for reps. Next we started on our backs, pop up to a seated position, tuck a leg and get our legs under us. Did that for reps. Closed out with a little more Yogi Yoga.

Well we never left the start line. Loveseat was disappointed my circle wasn’t a fight ring. I forgot to transition to some master workout, so WarChicken donned the belt to me for the longest warmup. Announcements included a proud Mr. Brady’s 49th wedding anniversary to Mary. Prayers included Tatnall asking for prayers for Walker who was hit by lightning, Heartbreaker asking for prayers for Uptowns mother. Blackberry closed out in prayer.

In attendance Mr. Brady (War Legend, War Daddy) Warchicken (respect), Blackberry (respect), Butterfinger (respect), Tantell (Macon guest), Wait Time (Omaha guest), Cowtipper (founding member), Cheese, Heartbreaker, Loveseat (Nantan), Siri (former Nantan), D2 (War Baby), Fidget Spinner, Rosie (founding member).


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