Burpee Mile

Conditions: sultry morning, non existent breeze = PERFECT for a burpee mile. 


14 HIM gathered, actually like 12 but Cowtipper and Milkbone both CIH.  

COP… 15 side straddle hop IC + 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers IC + 10 Weed pickers IC 


Staying with YHC KISS method for structuring a beat down, 10 Burpees OYO every 10th of a mile! That’s it, nice and simple. Poor Cowtipper posted in the weighted vest, impressive! After about 60 Burpees the PAX tried to mosey ahead of BM & YHC without taking direction from the Q.  That lead to Five 8 count body builders IC for getting ahead of themselves and not waiting on the 6. 
By the time we made it back to the Shovel Flags, we had finished our Mile, 100 Burpees, but I had a goal of 120! So the PAX sucked a little more wind and hammered out 20 more OYO! T-Claps to Choo Choo, he pushed hard! And welcome back Little Dipper, we thank you for your service and lift you up in our prayers!  We also had Saint 2.0 back visiting from the ATL.

PRAYERS – Bundy’s Fam, PAX travels, Harvey Victims. 

PRAISE – Our nation for coming together despite color, nationality, or creed and helping one another. Twinkle Toes in the fall fitness challenge. 

COT – Cowtipper closed us out in Prayer
Then 6 of us went to Waffle House and hammered down! Thanks Cher! 


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