Kickball in September

It was a beautiful morning as 11 PAX and 4 2.0’s came out for our monthly game of F3 Fitness Kickball.  YHC opened with the standard disclaimers and we moseyed to Mallery Park.  Following tradition, the 2.0s selected teams and the games commenced.  Today’s rules were as follows:

Batting Team

  • On deck: Mini workout – next to bat is Q, everyone in dugout is PAX
  • On first: Merkins
  • On second: Squats
  • On third: Side Straddle Hops

Fielding Team 

  • Rotated positions after each pitch
  • Error earned you 10 squats*
  • Pop fly out earned the batting team 10 side straddle hops*
  • Run scored earned the fielding team 3 burpees*

Apparently today’s teams were lopsided as the final score was something like 15 to 2.  YHC took the win while the other team did a whole bunch of burpees (editor’s note: rules with a * above were not strictly or consistently enforced; Q needs to improve simplicity and pace of kickball).

The PAX moseyed back to the flagpole and we closed out with our Ramas, naming of an FNG (welcome 2.0 Pickaxe!), announcements, prayer requests, pledge of allegiance, and closed in prayer.


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