Dirty Dozens

A PAX of nine, including one FNG, showed up ready to put in work on another warm and sticky—albeit slightly cooler—morning at SSCC.




The Thang


SSH, 10x, IC

Chinooks from The People’s Chair, 10x, IC

Scapular Merkin, 10x, IC

Smurfjacks, 10x, IC

Hold Deep Squat with Big Arm Circles Forward, 10x, IC

Hold Deep Squat with Big Arm Circles in Reverse, 10x, IC


YHC planned to break from Iron Man convention and include some running, but, after one easy mosey around the parking lot, a nasty little case of the swamp rot from the previous morning’s ruck complicated things and I made the executive decision to let the first lap be the only lap.


Combo #1

Diamond Merkins, 12x, OYO

Side Lunges, 12x per leg, OYO

Flutter Kicks, 12x per leg, OYO

***hold raised legs while waiting on the 6***


Combo #2

Hand-Release Merkins, 12x, OYO

Iron Mikes, 12x per leg, OYO

Windshield Wipers, 12x, OYO

***hold raised legs while waiting on the 6***


Mosey over to the covered area.


Combo #3

Decline Merkins, 12x, OYO

Bulgarian Split Squats, 12x per leg, OYO

LBCs, 12x, OYO

***hold raised legs while waiting on the 6***


Next, the PAX rinsed and repeated each of the previous three Combos.


After that, each PAX member found a piece of wall for a round of Descending Testicles:

  • Start with feet high on wall for a handstand/extreme Decline Merkin for 5 reps
  • Lower feet (still against wall) into normal Decline Merkin position for 10 reps
  • Lower feet again into normal Merkin position for 15 reps


***NOTE: The plan for the 15-rep leg of this move called for the feet against the wall and the body parallel to the ground. This was much simpler on paper than in execution, so some of the PAX, YHC included, dropped their feet to the ground and completed the last 15 Merkins in the standard position***


Next, the PAX partnered up for a round of Hail Marys (first man planking on ground, second man with his legs on first man’s back doing 20x bench dips with his hands on a chair or table. Flapjack after each set. Rinse and repeat for a second set.


Mosey back over to the parking lot.


The last exercise was the Duck Weave. During the Duck Weave, the PAX members line up in a single-file line and duck walk (squat walk) around the parking lot while the last in line jogs in slalom fashion through the duck-walking PAX up to the front of the line. It worked out well because the complete lap allowed each of the PAX to make it to the front of the line twice.


We finished with a brief cool down consisting of:

  • Pigeon with twist (each side)
  • Deep squat with groin spread
  • Torso stretch (each side)



  • Chef-laden fundraiser dinner in Charleston for Shane. See Twinkletoes for details.


Prayer Requests:

  • Bundy’s family
  • Loveseat’s back
  • Our nation needs protection not only from Hurricane Irma, but also from those (foreign and domestic) who seek to do us harm


We had another FNG! Welcome Cougar Kitten!


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