Virtuosity aka DORA, DORA, DORA (Almost)

The mornings are starting to cool off! But the momentum of F3 is getting HOTT. We had a Dirty Dozen of Pax join us in the gloom. @D2 and YHC are leading the male youth at SSUMC through a study called Virtuosity. Virtuosity is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. [...]

Dirty Dozens

A PAX of nine, including one FNG, showed up ready to put in work on another warm and sticky—albeit slightly cooler—morning at SSCC.   Disclaimer   The Thang Warm-Up: SSH, 10x, IC Chinooks from The People’s Chair, 10x, IC Scapular Merkin, 10x, IC Smurfjacks, 10x, IC Hold Deep Squat with Big Arm Circles Forward, 10x, [...]


Burpee Mile

Conditions: sultry morning, non existent breeze = PERFECT for a burpee mile.  Disclaimer 14 HIM gathered, actually like 12 but Cowtipper and Milkbone both CIH.   COP... 15 side straddle hop IC + 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers IC + 10 Weed pickers IC  THA THANG Staying with YHC KISS method for structuring a beat down, [...]

Retro Renegade

Stepped out of the house this AM to be smacked in the face with 90% humidity and 80 degrees. Thankful our workout was on the north end, the temp dropped to 78 by the time I pulled into OPES. In retro Renegade fashion YHC parked on the bus loop side of the school, leaving the [...]

Total Eclipse of the Pecs

Great work to the 12 PAX who joined me in cranking out push-ups and other upper/lower body exercises. Here's how it went down:Warmup included arm circles, imperial walkers, and shoulder stretches. The THANG20/15/10/5 decline pu, normal pu/merkins, incline pu, bench dipsCircle up with weights, with bent over row, military press, triceps extension, curls, upright rows, [...]

Total Eclipse

(cue Bonnie Tyler entrance music) Bitter that the moon was going to deprive it of prime shining time, the sun pre-heated our AO to proper sauna conditions for today's Jailbreak.  11 sweat stinking PAX posted to make their weekly downpainment.  It went a little something like this The Thang Disclaimer Mosey around Neptune Park, ending [...]


The weather this morning was delightful, warm but not humid. 13 pax posted for D2's UpDown workout. Almost everyone showed up on time with the exception of 2 or 3 guys. It's better to show up late rather than not at all! The mumblechatter was good this morning and several of our new pax posted [...]

Tuesday – the day of no running.

So no running, will there be. Goals of this workout: be difficult, break a sweat, and not move more then 3 feet from where we started. Disclaimer The thang a CoP Ssh ic x10 Merkins ic x10 Jeff imperials ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Grab a weight Thrusters ic x10 Taint ticklers ic x10 with [...]