Baker’s Dozen

77 degrees at the pier vs. 55 last time I was the Q; can’t wait for winter!

Great having a visitor, Lex Luthor, from Charlotte!

Pax was great with much grace for a Q who violated the don’t do it if you can’t Q it rule; had to modify the new themed exercise, Baker’s Dozen (see below).

Began with some stretching and a mosey on the pier followed by 13 dips IC.

Mosey to the flagpole for SSH IC x 13, Merkins IC x 13, Forward Arm Circles IC x 13, Reverse Arm Circles IC x 13, Abe Vigodas IC x 13, Imperial Walkers IC x 13, and Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 13.

Mosey over to SSUMC grass for LBC IC x 13, Merkins IC x 13 (as I read the wrong part of my list), back on our 6’s for Flutter Kicks IC x 13, Sit Ups OYO x 13, Dying Cockroaches IC x 13, Rosalitas IC x 13, Rosalita WIPs IC x 13, and a version of the Alphabet IC x 13 spelling out ‘THIRTEEN” with our feet 6 inches off the ground moving said feet to form the letters after which PAX was glistening or so I heard.

Mosey to other side of the church for Bake’s Dozen OYO that some finished but I owe the PAX several more reps to complete what I started: one Merkin, run about 40 yards, twelve Burpees, run back 40 yards for two Merkins, run again followed by eleven Burpees, then run back for two Merkins… progressing to where we were to do 12 Merkins and 1 Burpee so that each circuit added up to 13 for a Baker’s Dozen.

Mosey to parking lot next to the Casino Pool for Derkins OYO x 13, Deconstructed Burpees x 13 OYO (13 squats, 13 leg thrusts, 13 Merkins, 13 leg thrusts, 13 jumps) but less one rep for each decade of life as a spontaneous modification.

Mosey to Casino for Box Jumps x 13 OYO, mosey to picnic tables for Stair Steps x 13 OYO then finishing up with Mountain Climbers x 13 OYO.

Thanks to all and blessings,

Tim aka Mind Bender


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