Line Drills

11 men took the Daily Red Pill this beautiful morning. What is the daily red pill you may be thinking? Great Question. DAILY RED PILL: A Man's daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. A Man must choose this this Pill each day over the Blue Pill. Come on D2, what the heck [...]


A Man About Town

17 PAX met YHC on a somewhat cool Saturday morning to sharpen some iron and take another step toward becoming the best version of themselves. After a hearty, 8.5-mile pre-beatdown ruck with along with Woz, Hee Haw, and D2, things went down something like this…. DISCLAIMER WARM UP 10x, IC, Jeff Imperial Squat Walkers 10x, [...]

Kickball in September

It was a beautiful morning as 11 PAX and 4 2.0's came out for our monthly game of F3 Fitness Kickball.  YHC opened with the standard disclaimers and we moseyed to Mallery Park.  Following tradition, the 2.0s selected teams and the games commenced.  Today's rules were as follows: Batting Team On deck: Mini workout – next to [...]

I showed up about 10 til, and only Heehaws truck was there. This was good, since I asked him to bring the Bluetooth speaker (wink wink twinkletoes, its 2017), however YHC feared the potential weather was valid enough reason to stay in the fartsack. I was excited to see a total of 14 people out [...]

Take Me Out To The Beatdown

18 dedicated PAX, including 3 FNGs, looking to get bigger, stronger, faster, and badder took the weekend by the stones and showed up in the gloom for a beatdown that started with a disclaimer followed by a mosey to Jaycee Field at Mallery Park. Once at Jaycee, the quick warm-up consisted of: LBACF, 10x, IC [...]

Buddy Circuit

Shout out to the PAX for showing up this morning to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, and the end of the school year for the 2.0's with a little warm up, intense exercise, and cool down.  The workout went as follows: Warmup:  20x Side Straddle Hop, 10x Windmill, Merkins (1/3,2/3,3/3) and 10x full, LBAC F&R [...]