Everyone loves a card trick!

9 PAX found themselves playing some cards out in the gloom. It’s a good thing that we stayed near the pier the entire time. Rose Bud was a little late, but since we were right there, he still earned his donuts for the day. Here’s how it went down.

The Thang:


SSH IC x30

Prisoner Squats IC x15

Glute Bridge complex: Standard, right leg, left leg (I couldn’t find the catchy F3 name for the Glute Bridge and the hip thrusts we did next, any suggestions?)

2.0 makers (aka hip thrusts from ground to bridge position) OYO x10

Deck of death:

Hearts=Pull ups

Clubs=Mountain Climbers

Spades=single leg lunges


Joker=20 Burpees

Value of card=# of reps. Started on one end of the field, drew a card, mosey to other side, perform exercise, and mosey back. Repeat! Here were our totals, we only made it through 18 cards, but it was good work nonetheless.

Pull ups-47

Mountain Climbers-43

Single leg lunges-28



Sprint to picnic tables then to flag pole.

Naked Man Moleskin

Great work today! Even though our rep totals were not that high, with the added running it was a good beat down. Not many announcements to go around, but a lot of prayer needed, Orlando, Mind Benders niece and brother(i think??), Twinkle Toes’ 2.0, and I know there were others that aren’t coming to be right now. Thanks for the take out D2.

Post workout thought (not shared at the workout because my best thinking happens in the shower after Jailbreak):

What does it mean to live an inspired life?

The Apostle Paul maybe lived the most inspired life of anyone in the Bible not named Jesus. He continued his mission despite being ridiculed, beaten, imprisoned, bitten by snakes, and shippwrecked. I’ve been reflecting on Philippians 3 and how he might answer the question. And here is what I think.

  1. Living an inspired life means being taken hold of by something greater than yourself. Its being captured to a vision that goes much further than simply building self confidence and looking out for #1. Certainly self confidence is necessary, but it easily leads to selfishness. Paul says he takes no confidence in the flesh, but only in the reality of Jesus, the force outside himself that gives him strength and peace in the midst of trying times. Self confidence and being proud of accomplishments is like salt, a little bit enhances the flavor of every ingredient, but too much just leaves an awful taste. True inspiration and true leadership always leads us into service putting others needs before our own, and humility. So what is the vision that captures you?
  2.  To live an inspired life means leaving some things behind. Paul considered all his previous accomplishments “garbage” and explicitly says that he’s “forgetting what is behind” compared to the new vision that serves as the source for his inspired life. What do you need to leave behind? Mistakes? Excuses? Pride? Unforgiveness? Put them aside and never look back.
  3. Living an inspired life means persevering through the tough times. Paul says that throughout all he’s been through he is “straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” When things get tough, focus on the vision and press on. When you don’t think you can complete the task, press on. When difficult people test your commitment to service, continue striving toward what is ahead.

Live inspired lives this week!



3 thoughts on “Everyone loves a card trick!

  1. Maybe Back plank and crab humpers?…but 2.0 makers is pretty catchy

    Great closing thoughts to start the week. #LivingThird


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