A 1st Thru 5th Grade Education

School was in session and all but one HIM got there 15 minutes early!!! #Qimpressed

Mosey lap around the parking lot


-Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x 15
-Little Baby Arm Circles Backward x 15
-Prisoner Squats x 15

The Thang:

5 parking lot lights…..aka Grades 1st through 5th

-Mosey to 1st grade – 10 Burpees
-Mosey to 2nd grade – 20 Merkins
-Mosey to 3rd grade – 30 Prisoner Squats
-Mosey to 4th grade – 40 LBCs
-Mosey to 5th grade – 50 Side Straddle Hops

Plank til the six rolls up

Mosey down the long and winding car-drop-off road, down Frederica Road to the Bus drop-off location for some Suicide Columns
(a little bit of groaning/grumbling was heard)

There are 28 columns supporting the walkway roof where the buses drop-off. We touched them ALL.

-Suicide Columns – Touch all 14 columns, returning to “base” after each column.
Plank til the six rolls up

Mosey to the fire-hydrant circle

-Bird-Dog (left/Right) x 10
-Bird-Dog (Right/Left) x 10

-Fire-hydrant (Right) x 10
-Fire-hydrant (Left) x 10

-Suicide Columns – Touch the other 14 columns, returning to “base” after each column.
Plank til the six rolls up

Mosey through playground to parking lot

-LBCs x 40


Naked Mole Skin

Great effort by all 6 in the Pax. I appreciate the hard work, HIMs.

Welcome FNG Seuss aka Dominic (spelling?). It was his birthday, but it was probably a good thing we did not know it at the time. Nice job withholding that information Seuss. You are wise beyond your years.

I have graded the Extra Credit performed by Twinkle Toes, D2, and Seuss. They all passed!!!!!! *Maybe I should have pushed them a bit more at the Renegade workout, duly noted.

If you ordered any F3 gear through Twinkle Toes, it should have arrived. Contact TT for details.

Until next time,



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