Woz’s Wacky Kickball

YHC picked up the Q at 4:30am this morning with plans to play Ultimate Frisbee if Icebox show up.  He didn’t, nor did we have the numbers, so we played kickball instead.  Clocked about 1.5 miles running bases with today’s Wacky Kickball Rules (plus another mile to and from the ballfields). Will try again for [...]


New Year, New Day, New YOU….. A dip in the pond, and Scatter-Smothered & Covered.

The first day of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen.  It was cold and damp.  We started out day out with the following. 20 Side Straddle hops, 17 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward the reverse in honor of Twinkle Toes who wasn't there.  We then did a careful slowsey to the sunken living [...]

We worked our gnats off this morning!

Block-o-Rama action today! We had an ironman type workout this morning using cinder blocks. Warm up Run to pier Lbac forward reverse mix in big...has serious issues counting to 3 today. Side straddle hops x20 ic Flutter kicks x20 ic we alternated between teams of two and group exercises. With teams of two, they alternated [...]

Kickball, Mother MAY I?

Fourteen brave PAX plus one FNG showed up for our 2nd installment of F3 Kickball.  Since we had enough for two teams, we were able to modify the rules a little bit. Moseyed to ball fields and broken into two separate teams (Hashbrown and Sandlot were are honorary team captains) General Rules and Exercises: On [...]

A change of HHeart

So, I had planned a really epic beat down full of sandbags, coupons, and good times. It was gonna be bad, pushing and challenging each of our Island PAX..... well, it was highly modified after watching our brothers who were participating in the GORUCK F3 HEAVY HEAVY 001. During the 2 HEAVY,  Cadre Danny (F3 [...]

A Whole Lotta Tabata aka Milkbone VQ

Men, it was an honor and privilege to be allowed to provide my virgin Q this morning for Gutenman’s final post with F3 St. Simons (for a few years, at least). G, you will be definitely missed. Keep the email blasts coming, rag us on Slack, and know you and the family with be in [...]

St Simons One Year Anniversary – Beach Blast

Sixteen of the faithful (including two FNGs) came out to mark our first year here in the Golden Isles. It went a little something like this: The Thang TwinkleToes Q The 16 studs gathered in the gloom at Coast Guard Station. Woz gave a 2 minute warning at the exact time it switched to the 1 [...]

Groundhog Day

My 2.0 has been stoked about Groundhog Day, so he was my inspiration. Dora 1,2,3 right out the box, with "I've Got You babe" playing. 100-LBC 200-Squats 300-SSH All with a partner one man always running. Suns out Guns out-IC Grab a brick from BM stash 10-SLOW LBACF 10-SLOW LBACR 10-Chinook 10-BamBam 10-Moroccan Night Club [...]