Groundhog Day

My 2.0 has been stoked about Groundhog Day, so he was my inspiration. Dora 1,2,3 right out the box, with "I've Got You babe" playing. 100-LBC 200-Squats 300-SSH All with a partner one man always running. Suns out Guns out-IC Grab a brick from BM stash 10-SLOW LBACF 10-SLOW LBACR 10-Chinook 10-BamBam 10-Moroccan Night Club [...]


6 Month Anniversary Beat Down! Plus my F3 Story and a special Review!!

8 Brave men came out after the Hurricane for a righteous beat down for our 6 Month Anniversary. The Q was a little gassed from having chopped up trees all over the island the day before with his Ax, but he still provided an adequate smokefest, IMHO. The Thang Disclaimer COP-IC 30-SSH 30-LBACF 30-LBACB 30-Moroccan Night [...]

Power Walk at the Pier…

Eight (8) faithfuls posted  for this weeks Sailors Warning workout this Saturday morning.  Although it was hot and muggy, the ocean provided a beautiful backdrop. Powerwalk from casino area to pier, pushing the speed as well as the swinging arms.  Near the end of the pier convert into indian run to the light house. COP:  [...]