Battle Buddies 1-14-23

When Loveseat ask Sharktooth if he was coming to F3 this morning, Shartktooth ask who had the Q. Loveseat replied that Hee Haw had the Q, and Sharktooth ask if he played games (Dodgeball, Kickball, Ultimate frisbee, etc…). Loveseat told him no, that his workouts are simple to understand, simple movements, high reps, and difficult. Sharktooth didn’t post, he knows Hee Haw don’t play games! I quit kindergarden because that wanted me to play recess.

I was at the AO 30 min early to enjoy the heated seats in an attempt to loosen up my back. Luckily Uptown Girl arrived with foggy eyes and head, but he had my Psoright. I was able to stretch and release my psoas muscle enough to get after it.

We slowsied to the Flagpole, did a real quick warm up of Side Straddle Hops and Weed pickers. I explained the workout, I am a firm believer if you can’t exlplain the plan of action in 30 seconds or less, it’s too complicated. We did this workout first with a couple guest Q’s from Summerville that help launch F3 St Simons. I’ve rinsed, washed, and repeated a bunch of times since 2017.

The Thang.

Partner up, and size does matter! One Man does the work, the other runs a lap around the cedar tree. As a team the Battle Buddies will complete the following.

500 Big Boy Sit-ups, 400 TT Squats, 300 4-Count Flutter Kicks, 200 Merkins, 100 Burpees. That’s it…. Simple and effective. We each ran roughly 2.25 miles, some took turns carrying Thors Hammer, Some PAX had weighted vest, and YHC simply had weighted love handles! Work was done, we got after it, and Gump & Lowlights completed the reps first.


  1. I started a new Men’s Devotion book called Press On. It is writen by three F3 Pax from Columbia, and I am blessed to call one of them my friend. F3 Ken Doll (Travis Price). Get the Book and get equipped to accomplish Eternal Goals
  2. GORUCK TactiCOOL events coming the SSI and the Golden Isles. Basic Trauma, First Aid, Pistol, advanced pistol, and more will be taught by GORUCK Cadre here in our backyard. Sign up, we need well trained and well equipped members in our community. Open to ALL!
  3. Community Church Iron Man retreat… This is a life changing weekend for all men to attend. No matter where you are on your walk with God or even if you don’t know him at all this is a chance to grow closer and eat a ton of really good food! #nosalads
  4. Smokey took a few minutes to share a story with the PAX, T-Claps brother Smokey!

Coffeteria was good, peace out, and Blessings to all.

Hee Haw


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