Tinman 2.0?

This morning we welcomed 2 PAX from other AOs and a PAX who just moved here from Savannah (better late than never) and we are finally faced with the question as to what to do with multiple PAX with the same nickname (even though Dunphy was technically already taken Bearded Millennial doesn’t post or go by that name anymore, anyway). Since one of our visiting PAX is Saint 2.0, I’m thinking Tinman 2.0, but that’s just a suggestion and way above my pay grade.

But I digress.

Here’s the abridged version of the beatdown:

Warmup-25x SSH, LBAC (f&r), Don Quixote, weed pickers, plank jack, merkins

The Thang-series of resistance exercises from upright rows, bent over rows, curls, triceps extensions, straight legged deadlifts, overhead press to lunges, circle up again for balancing planks, Carolina drydocks, big boy sit-ups, then walked the big circle around to parking lot stopping occasionally for abs, more resistance work and mumblechatter (Heehaw-that is what Slack is for). Finished up with Justice League and some stretching.


Countorama, Namorama

Prayers-Heehaw’s M needing an unexpected surgery, Loveseat’s mom recovery from knee surgery.


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