Independence Day

Quick backblast. We came and got after it.

Warmed up with the usual – SSH, don quixotes, weedpickers, Jeff imperial walkers.

Around the bases – bear crawl to first, 10 burpees, crab walk to second, 20 merkins, spider crawl to third, 30 crunchy frogs, high knees home, 40 monkey humpers

Sandbag toss across the fence – toss, do a burpee, repeat for quite awhile  

Playground – 5 pull-ups, 15 incline merkins, 5 pull-ups, 15 regular, 5 pull-ups, 15 decline

Picnic tables – Up and over, contra burpees to 10 merkins on each side of table

6 minutes of Mary – flutter kicks, box cutters, LBCs, Freddy Mercury’s, ABC’s.

mosey around the block to my dad’s grave at holy nativity.  15 merkins for my old man.


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