July If I Asked You to Play F3 Kickball?

Sixteen brave PAX showed up for our 4th installment of F3 Kickball.  Since we had enough for two teams, we were able to modify the rules a little bit.

Moseyed to ball fields and broken into two separate teams Streaker and Sandlot were are honorary team captains)

General Rules and Exercises:

  • On deck: Mini workout – next to bat is Q, everyone in dugout is PAX
  • On first: Merkins
  • On second: Squats
  • On third: Side Straddle Hop
  • Fielding team rotated positions after each pitch
  • Error earned you 3 burpees
  • NEW: Kicking the ball out of the park earned the entire bench team a lap around the bases while the fielding team did burpees
  • TIP: Rotating “during” the pitch doesn’t seem to work very well; need to come up with something new for the fielding team
  • TIP: Consider deconstructed burpees for base runners

F3 kickball was a success and this will continue to be a tradition slated for the first Saturday of every month.

Moseyed back to flag and closed with announcements and prayer.






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