din·gle·ber·ry [ˈdiNGəlˌberē] NOUN dingleberries (plural noun) US informal 1). a foolish or inept person. vulgar slang 2). a particle of fecal matter attached to the anal hair of an animal. In an attempt to get banned from backblasts by the nantan, I decided to go a little NSFW after my morning Q. That said, if [...]


You ask for it, you got it!

So, BM was all like "yo, you need to do another Q with buckets, and sandbags. Then he said, it has been a while since he did a smokehouse"  Well sir, and I use the Sir term loosely, you got what you ask for! I arrived early to set out the coupons and found D2 [...]

Bears, Snakes, and Other Things We Love

Warm-up Moseyed to the school entrance SSH x 25 Windmills x 10 LBAC x 15 (Fwd & Rev) Wonder Bras x 10 Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 Mosey to bus lane Team Doracides: swap after each suicide run Player 1: Suicides along the poles Player 2: Worked toward group total of: 150 x merkins 200 x [...]

Independence Day 2017 Double Down Beatdown!

Disclaimer... We relocated IRONMAN to Mallery Park for our Independence Day 2017 Sunshine Festival Double Down Beatdown!  We started with 10, and then Rosebud and Milkbone arrived late (doing their best BM impersonation). C.O.P. we did a quick 3 Exercises  10 count in Cadence, Side Straddle Hops, Jeff Imperial Walkers (explained to our visitors why [...]

July If I Asked You to Play F3 Kickball?

Sixteen brave PAX showed up for our 4th installment of F3 Kickball.  Since we had enough for two teams, we were able to modify the rules a little bit. Moseyed to ball fields and broken into two separate teams Streaker and Sandlot were are honorary team captains) General Rules and Exercises: On deck: Mini workout - next to bat [...]

Father’s Day

Father's Day weekend and we had a lot of 2.0s with us. Disclaimer I defined a MAN as "an adult male who accepts his masculinity, speaks and acts with maturity, embraces responsibility, functions independently, can lead a family faithfully and recognizes his accountability as an image bearer of God" The thang COP-IC 10-SSH 10-LBACF 10-LBACR [...]