Rocks for Jocks

It was a great morning to be out and about with the F3 men of St. Simons.  I had the pleasure of being asked to guest Q at Jailbreak.  The location for the workout is primo.  You can’t beat working out at Neptune Park.

We had two early birds who got their ruck on before joining the rest of the team. By the time the full squad arrived we had 13 total.

Warmup – jog to the gazebo by the sea wall

Side straddle hop


Mtn Climbers

The Thang – Each man is then to find a lifting rock from the sea wall.

Shoulder Press and Lunges – 3 rounds – 10 Shoulder Presses followed by 10 Lunges

Burpees and a lap – 3 rounds –

round 1 – 10 burpees with the rock followed by a lap

round 2 – 12 burpees with with the rock and an indian run lap

round 3 – 14 burpees with the rock followed by a speed lap

Mosey to the playground.

Pullups and D2’s – plank to pike with your feet on a swing -> D2 is adding a merkin to the exercise

3 rounds – 10 pullups and 15 D2’s

Mosey to the field

Hershel Walkers – 20 merkins, 20 old school sit ups and a sprint to the live oak

2 rounds completed

That’s a wrap.  Great mix of SSI men and party crashers like yours truly who were visiting the island for the 4th.  There was some light banter during the the shoulder presses but that quickly subsided during the burpees with the rocks.  Strong work put in by everyone out there.  It is always great to meet men from other regions – Atl, Savannah and Lexington – were all in attendance.

I didn’t get the names of everyone that arrived so if you were there you know who you are.  Cheers




One thought on “Rocks for Jocks

  1. Looks like a great workout, sorry I missed it. Thanks for taking the Q for me bro, look forward to seeing you next time your in town, we will be sure to get some rucking in!


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