Extra Credit

So while chilling on the beach this evening for a little 2nd and 3rd F, it was discovered the FNG this AM was celebrating his 19th BDay. So an impromptu birthday beat down was decided it was a must!

The Thang

We started out with 19 grueling Surfees (burpees in shin deep ocean! Waves are the bonus)  OYO-if you don’t swallow a gallon of water every rep, you’re doing it wrong


19-Little Baby Crunches-IC

19-WW1 Sit Ups-OYO

19-Fire Hydrant Kicks Left/Flap Jack Right-IC

19-Bird Doggers Left/Flap Jack Right-IC


Naked Mole Skin

After this workout it was agreed we should get wet more often. We drank a ton of salt water, got our butts kicked in a short amount of time, and celebrated Suess’ birthday!



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