10lb ball

7 HIMS gathered for a morning workout. After disclaimers and warm ups we got after it.

Lined up at cones, run to end and back then 5 merkins. Repeat with shuffle left then shuffle right.

We each overhead throw ball then thrower picks movement to get to ball. Did bear crawls, lunges, and of course @heartbreaker had crazy stuff for us!

After we each did an overhead throw we did same with chest thrust .

Back to line for a rinse and repeat of all. Next round on ball we did burpees based on how many cones we could throw the ball to.

Finished out with an Indiana run with rear man bringing the ball forward and then we all helped passing it back

Mr. Brady (War Daddy, Respect), Butterfinger (respect), Blackberry (repsect), Heartbreaker, Gump, D2 and me!

Prayers for our young adults headed to college.

Join D2 to Jesup to start a new F3 branch this Saturday!


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