10lb ball II

5 HIMS gathered on this beautiful Saturday morning to get fit. We had a guest from Macon, Cabbage join us. Disclaimers and warm-ups then mosey to flag pole 3 series of exercises we did 3 complete rounds. Series 1: run from flag to tree and back, 5 merkins. Shuffle left to tree, mosey back, 5 [...]

10lb ball

7 HIMS gathered for a morning workout. After disclaimers and warm ups we got after it. Lined up at cones, run to end and back then 5 merkins. Repeat with shuffle left then shuffle right. We each overhead throw ball then thrower picks movement to get to ball. Did bear crawls, lunges, and of course [...]

Burpee Ladder

13 HIMs joined the Sailor's Warning Q for a morning beatdown. Warm ups and disclaimers, then off to start da thang: 3 stations, flagpole at Casino using steps - up and down with a burpee, picnic tables, box jump up to table and burpee, playground, burpee/pullup. 10 rounds, 1 rep at each station, then 2, [...]

Renegade races

12 HIMS gathered for the morning Renegade. Easy warm up then an easy mosey around the lot Line up at cones- run down to other end and back 5 merkins 5 squats - 50+ and 70+ had alternate turn points. When all done start next set. Run down and back 10 and 10- then shuffle [...]

Tire Racing

8 HIMS gathered for the Renegade tire racing challenge. After warmups and briefings, we split into teams and lined up the tires. The men got motivated once we kicked off the race around the parking lot, stopping at the corners to do 10 burpees each. While there was a clear winning team, the effort put [...]

Renegade Q

8 HIMs gathered to get a workout on this fine, crisp morning. Warm ups and opening statements then we began. Using the cones we did various movements to and from either end such as side shuffle, crab walk, bear crawl, lunges, etc. A couple sprint runs got thrown in there as well. Circle up, hit [...]