10lb ball II

5 HIMS gathered on this beautiful Saturday morning to get fit. We had a guest from Macon, Cabbage join us. Disclaimers and warm-ups then mosey to flag pole

3 series of exercises we did 3 complete rounds.

Series 1: run from flag to tree and back, 5 merkins. Shuffle left to tree, mosey back, 5 merkins. Shuffle right to tree, mosey back, 5 merkins. Run backward to tree, mosey back, 5 merkins. Sprint to tree, mosey back, 5 merkins.

Series 2: overhead throw 10lb ball individually to tree and back. Each toss we did burpees, took 7 sets so started with 1 burpee and went up to 7.

Series 3: chest thrust 10lb ball, thrower picks movement to get to ball. Did a lot of interesting stuff like forward rolls. To tree and back.

After 3 sets did a long Indiana run with 10lb ball shifting between men.

Blackberry (respect), Heartbreaker, Yogi, Cabbage, Lowlights.

Close out, prayers do lowlights nice headed home after a summer with them. Prayers for Cabbage in the process of adoption.


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