Renegade races

12 HIMS gathered for the morning Renegade. Easy warm up then an easy mosey around the lot

Line up at cones- run down to other end and back 5 merkins 5 squats – 50+ and 70+ had alternate turn points. When all done start next set.

Run down and back 10 and 10- then shuffle left 15 & 15. Shuffle right and run back 10 & 10 and finish with run backwards 5 &5.

After set one we did 2 man sprint races down cones.

Rinse and repeat 3 full sets.

Cool down, prayers and goodbyes.

Mr Brady, Huey, Blackberry, Earhart, Gump, Mallcop, D2, Low-light, Loveseat, Baskin, Heartbreaker, Yogi


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