Another Wacky Woz Workout

Your favorite lazy Q was ready to bring kickball back and better than ever. The most important lesson… keep it simple, stupid!

The PAX started with some side straddle hops and then a mosey to the ballfields. The rules were simple: everyone on the field while the kicker led the group in their favorite exercise. Then, the kicker’s goal was to make it around as many bases as possible, picking up a point per base. After the play, the kicker returned to the field and the PAX rotated positions.

We got 3 innings in when Siri picking up a solid triple late in the inning, putting him in the lead with 5 bases run. For his effort and W, he got a free drink at Coffeeteria. We moseyed back to the flagpole for our close out announcements and prayer. I shared today’s Jesus Always:

Be willing to follow My lead, beloved. Open yourself more fully to Me and My way for you. Don’t get so focused on what you want that you miss the things I’ve prepared for you. Relax with Me while I transform you by the renewal of your…


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