Moving Stones and Shooting Cannons

What an amazing morning for a F3 beatdown. It was 68° and a little overcast when we started with a little disclaimer. Slowsie to the flagpole for a brief warmup so SSH, weed pickers, Don Quixote, arm circles and mosey to the light house. Then find a partner.

The workout was as follows:

Sprint back to the casino area and pick up as many Easter eggs as you and your partner can find, each had a little exercise. After each round we’d mosey to the flagpole and back for another round (three rounds total).

The golden egg was a Dora. Each pair works with a rock with 100 overhead press, 200 curls, 300 bench press.

An added Easter egg was a local Sons of the Revolutionary War re-enactors we’re setting up cannons, so we helped.

We circled up for an Easter message and COT. When done, we were asked if we wanted to shoot the cannon and YHC got the nod. That was awesome!

The final count in attendance this morning was 13-1/2 since Uptown Girl was early for coffeeteria.

If anyone wants to read my devotional for this morning, email me and I’ll be glad to share:

P.S. Woz asked to keep Inmate in our prayers as he is running the Boston Marathon today. Bib #5105.


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