Coliseum Gladiators

10 men gathered for the morning Q, start with a warm up of weed pickers, empirical walkers, and SSH.

Mosey to bus lanes with columns and I divided the group into 2 teams. Each team got a foam block. There are 14 columns from either end to the center. Each team started on one end pitted against one another to see who could get the foam block to the center first.

To move a block one team member could run the block one column forward, then 13 burpees. While he did that the team did SSH. When he returned the whole team did 10 merkins and 10 big boy situps. Then next man grabbed the block and moved it one more column in and did 12 burpees. Each succeeding man ran a little farther and did one less burpee. For the final column the whole team ran together and did 1 burpee. It was a very close race indeed!

After cheers and congrats all around we went to the play ground and did a circuit. Bear crawl on center pavement from grass to building, run around to do one pullup then run back to the start. Next 2 pull ups, up to 5.

Mosey back to close out, 10 men @siri, @blackberry, @d2, @fidgetspinner, @loveseat, @heartbreaker, @tinmantwo, @warchicken, @cowtipper, @yogibear

Prayers and farewells!


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