F3SSI is back!

3 brothers joined in the early morning for Sailors Warning F3 is back workout! Sydney and Warchicken showed up, we mosied to the flagpole, did some jumping Jack’s, then jack squats, a few stretches, then..

Da thang,

10 burpees, run through the casino, 10 squats, run through the casino, the 9 and on down to 1.

Flutter kicks to failure

At the steps to the casino, 10 carina dry docks, bunny hop up one step, back walk down, then 2, backtalk down, continued until reach the top (7 steps), 10 lunges. 4 sets of that.

Closed out with 10 min of good stretching.

Prayed for the physical and financial health of our citizens as we endure the pandemic.

Welcome back y’all!


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