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It was a cold this morning, not like yesterday was, but still admirably brisk. Only six men were beastly enough to beat the fartsack and show up to sharpen some iron. In the true spirit of teamwork, YHC took the first half of the beatdown and then handed things off to Loveseat to close things out.


Warm Up

  • Bear Crawl from tree to tree (which was roughly 20ish yards)
  • Runner’s Lunge + Moroccan Night Club, 10x, IC
  • Runner’s Lunge (other side) + Wide Seal Claps, 10x, IC
  • Crawl Bear back to the starting point
  • Deep Squat + Chinooks, 10x, IC
  • Pigeon + Torso Twist (both sides) – Hold for a 20-count on each side
  • Bear Crawl back to the opposite tree
  • Tree Pose + LBACF, 10x, IC
  • Tree Pose (other leg) + LBACR, 10x, IC
  • Crawl Bear back to starting point

Next, to get the juices flowing, the PAX did a series of sprints the same distance that we Bear Crawled, with each sprint followed by a set of 10 Merkins. After 10 sprints and 100 Merkins, YHC turned things over to Loveseat. The PAX then each grabbed a cinderblock and headed over to the covered porch on the corner of SSCC for the following round of Dora:

  • 75 Burpees
  • 150 Triceps Dips
  • 200 Bobby Hurley Squats

While one partner was doing the above, the other Farmer Carried a pair of blocks around the circle. We completed this cycle with exactly 2 minutes left on the game clock.

No announcements.

Prayer Requests:

  • Bundy’s family and Catnip’s family…both of whom are dealing with sickness
  • Super Sally’s neighbor, who has nursing school finals coming up

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