Iron Pax Challenge

8 men attacked the day and completed the first Iron Pax Challenge (IPC) workout IPC week 0 workout: 5 rounds of 20 thrusters and 20 merkins then 3 rounds of 100 foot bearcrawl out and 100 foot burpee broad jump back. Perform 3 burpees and then 5 broad jumps. Finish with another 5 rounds of [...]


Biceps, Back pain, Burn

Ironman 2/8/2022 by @Blackberry - attendees @D2  @Fidget Spinner @Blake VanDonkelaar / LOW LIGHTS, @Butterfinger @loveseat @Blackberry @Mrs. Howell, @Blackberry I had pretty ambitious goals for our brief workout; some would say cruel as they involved sprinting across the church parking lot and crawling endlessly through the mud.  But as the rain pushed us onto [...]

Go Dawgs!

Given that the CFP National Championship game was on a Monday night we probably could have canceled Ironman this morning. Nevertheless, Siri was a HC to Q and had the DiEGO winkie ready to roll (the tide). Just like them Dawgs! It was a very quiet morning when I arrived at Ironman. No Siri and [...]