You ask for it, you got it!

So, BM was all like “yo, you need to do another Q with buckets, and sandbags. Then he said, it has been a while since he did a smokehouse”  Well sir, and I use the Sir term loosely, you got what you ask for!

I arrived early to set out the coupons and found D2 in the middle of a ruck wod, after he rucked from his house on the north end… 11 miles in EARLY!  T-Claps for him.  He grunted while I set up the bags and filled the buckets.

BM arrived in a lovely little Santa beanie and panties and quickly started ragging me because I didn’t have mine on, not to disappoint like Clark Kent (without the phone booth) I ripped my pants off to let the thighs shine in all their glory… 45 degrees in Ranger Panties is not for the faint of heart.


20 Side Straddle Hop IC, 20 Jeff Imperial Walker IC, 20 Weed Pickers IC, and 5 burpees OYO.

Everybody gets a coupon!  Sandbags, Buckets of water, weights, or rucks.  The beatdown that followed was nasty, no way Cowtipper could have hung.

Today’s Date??? 12-16-17 and those are the reps of each of the following exercises.

Round 1: 12 – Over shoulder squats, 16 – Sandbag Burpees, 17 – Thrusters

Round 2: 12 Sandbag Burpees, 16 – Thrusters, 17 – Over shoulder squats

Round 3: 12 Thrusters,  16 Over Shoulder squats, 17 Burpees

The sandbags from Cowtipper’s house finally met their match… they burst and lived a good life.  Uptown Girl, probably has some of the sand still in his hair.  Mrs Howell doesn’t like my rap music for working out, so much so that he signed up for his VQ next Saturday!

Last night while watching Elf, I was working on my wienke and had the plan of doing a plank, farmer carry, Indian run type thing…. Dubbed JJ’s March to the sea!  We lined up at the Casino facing the Lighthouse, shoulder to shoulder.  The man at the back of the line farmer carry both buckets to the front of the line, each time the line moves ever so slightly closer to the sound.  A couple of things should be pointed out. One, I didn’t plan according and it didn’t work as I had planned.  We ended up simply holding the plank, and plank walking until someone touched the rocks.  Rubble saved the day, and we ended what was like forever plank.  I think we had 2 or 3 Ga Tech grads and they couldn’t help figure it out either.

After the plank march to the sea…. BM wanted smokehouse and he got it!

5 Incline Push-ups,  10 Push-ups, 15 Incline Push-ups, 20 Dips, 25 LBC’s

Mosey around casino, rinse warsh and repeat! for total of 3 rounds.

Last but not least and crab/bear crawl race to the flag from picnic tables… Loveseat covers ground quicker in a bear Crawl than most PAX on the feet.

Prayer Request: Uptown Girl’ mom, Rubble is moving back to Greensboro, and PAX not here. TwinkleToes 2.0 is under the weather.  Pray for Woz’s back and strength to pull himself out of the fartsack.

At coffeteria, Mrs Howell shared our love of music and Inmate (who doesn’t post on Saturday’s) told us about the time he hung out on Willie Nelson’s tour bus!  These are for you fella’s!



Love all Yall.

JJ Lee




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