Bundy’s Better-Late-Than-Never, TEOTWAWKI/Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Survivalist Prep Spectacular (yes, I know this is a month late…but humor me….)

The weather this morning was cool and perfect. The grass was damp. The dark enveloped us with the chilling embrace of a sinister stranger. It was a great day to sharpen some iron. There’s no better time than the present because you never really know when the undead will rise, the zombies will walk among [...]


WOD a Fantastic Morning For A Beatdown

The weather this morning was such a welcome change…at least for YHC, presumably the heaviest member of the SSI PAX. And it was a great day to sharpen some iron. I’ve watched a few Netflix documentaries lately about these die-hard CrossFitters who train to compete in the CrossFit games and the ones I watched were [...]

It’s A Block Party…And No Moseys Were Invited

Even though we're starting to see a slight trend toward cooler mornings, today was still a humid one on the Isle of St. Simons. Nine PAX showed up today ready to put in work…and put in work they would because, since YHC is nursing a potential foot problem, there would be no moseys…which forced me [...]

Bundy’s Greatest (???) Years in Music History, Part 4: 2000

Today, with six PAX in tow, YHC dialed the wayback machine to 2000 after multiple requests from Uptown Girl. Though I wouldn’t call 2000 one of the “greatest” years in music history, but there were some memorable songs...but it was hard to cull them when the Hot 100 was loaded with Britney and Christina and [...]