It was a Monday – and it’s only a 45 minute workout, so instead of doing a full Murph, we did a mini-murph.

It was a beautiful moring by the sea. I dropped a fantastic disclaimer and then we were off, headed toward the pier – only to stop in the parking lot for a quick warm-up.

Side straddle hop, and then bend over and touch your toes. Good, we are warm. Start running – pick up theme music at the car – around the lighthouse and end up at the playground.

Que the music. Do 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats. And just keep doing that until you hit 20 sets.

After the first 3 sets I numbered everyone and one by one we took off on a lap around the casino building. If you weren’t running you were will working out.

Lot’s of conversation this morning about inevitable upcoming changes to daily life not just here in the Golden Isles but in the world – but i digress – we kept on sweating.

Once everybody had run it was time for another pivot. We circled up an small plastic boat, banged out some ab work, some dips and rope climbs.

As time was running short we moved to the COT but not the Ball of man. Fists in the Air, we prayed out.

FidgetSpinner being a HIM finished his 20 sets to get in a full murph. Loveseat and WarChicken stuck around to encourage him and grade his form. YHC had to run home stat to loofa.


We gathered Monday morning and had the privilege of working out in the best AO in the F3 nation. And while the fellowship was present, there was still a presence of the unknown. This virus has disrupted lives already, and will continue to do just that in ways that most of us can not fathom right now. Just one week ago sports leagues were contemplating playing without fans – contemplating that. Now none of us can imaging a live sporting event. Things are moving pretty quickly.

None of us can control it all. But we can prepare for both the known and the unknown. Check out the F3 Q-source Blog. I’m pretty sure there is something about that previous line in the Q Source.

F3 SSI is on hold for now – but don’t stop preparing. We will all be called on very soon.


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