Morning Q

5 brothers gathered for a morning workout. Warmup of weedpickers, LBAC, overhead clap, seal claps, finkle kicks.

Rotated merkins and abs and squats and lunges to get us warm.

Mosey down entrance road to Frederica and did firemans carry then back pack. One knee got a little strained on a dismount. Carried him back and continued on.

Back at the school, walk out push ups, burpee, the mosey under covered walkway.

Bear crawl to 1st bench, 10 box jumps, crab walk to 2nd, 20 dips, run to end, electric chair then sprint back. Several sets of those with some merkins and squats in between to cool off.

Prayers for Siri’s father as well as for the police officer and pedestrian involved in the fatal crash the morning of New Years in Brunswick.

We need men to step up and sign up for Renegade, no one signed up for next week or beyond. If you dont have access to the google spreadsheet I can sign you up.

Manna house Saturday.


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