Gator Chomp

Since I shot my mouth off at Monday’s beatdown – I now had Tuesday’s Q.  Good thing too because I was sore from Monday and needed to take it easy on Tuesday and Ironman was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Carry around a GoRuck back back with nothing in it except helium balloons, this was gonna be easy.

Problem #1 – its raining at my house when I’m getting ready to leave.  crap.

Problem #2 – Helium balloons from daughter bday celebration are now flat – crap.

Arrive at the AO a bit later than I should have but I do revel in the fact that I end the speculation about if I was going to fartsack on my own Q.  Are you kidding – I’m not pulling a D2.

Warm Up on the lighted patio outside the church.  My shoulders were sore (where have you read that before) so we focused lots of warm up there.  For the second day in a row I suggested we do the Gator Chomp after seal claps and overhead claps but MilkBone still refused.

The Thang

Sprinkles had started so we moved under the breezeway where we had chairs – lots of them.  More about them later.  We started with a Dora – but the exact details of it escape me.  It was likely some thrusters, some dips and some curls – 200-400-600.  Yep, that’s about right.  

Upright Rows


Tempo Squats

Tempo Sumos

Flutter kicks with weight overhead (yall liked those, especially the count.  I remember the cat calls on that one well)


Wipers/Heel Taps/Rosie with weight overhead

Dips and declines

More Thrusters 

and walking around the circle with weight overhead.

All in all a great Q.

Milkbone was fined 25 merkins for not doing the gator Chomp, we gathered for the COT and headed off to spread joy throughout the island on that fine, fine Tuesday!


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