Yogi Bear Fartsacked

Start with THIS!

10 HIMs joined D2 this very cold morning to get after it!

As any proper workout should – things started with a full disclaimer.

The Work:

Short mosey followed by arm circles, merkins, peter parkers and squats.

Short mosey then a 10 to 1 count of step ups (per leg) with a burpee in-between.

Bear crawl to a cone do a merkin, keep crawling and repeat (about 10 cones)

As I didn’t have a watch I need to ask for a time update. Someone said 5:54am. F3 starts at 5:30.

“wow its only been 15 minutes” – D2

“No D2 its been 24 minutes. That’s how math works.” – Multiple people

BABY JUMP SQUATS then right into a 10 cone line drill (aka a suicide but I don’t want to call it this anymore after thinking about it)


5 cone line drill then lots of lunges

Boat and canoe but the canoe kept getting flipped over! Recover by doing merkins!

15 Big Boy sit ups

100 single count SSHs


Welcome AirHeart! Moved down from the Atlanta area!


  1. F3 SSI 5 year anniversary is upon us in March! A CSAUP is planned! MARK THE CALENDAR! March 20th at 7am! Details to follow.

2. Ironman is having an event next weekend! Here is the link https://sscc.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/682424

3. Happy Hour tonight around 5:30pm at the Growler Factory


Prayer Requests



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