Better than a Cowtipper’s Q – The Group Q

Better than Cowtipper’s Q – the 4yr anniversary Group Q 2020.03.05

With an early morning check on SLACK, Cowtipper notified us that his stomach bug wasn’t worth sharing with the PAX.  Without saying it, we thanked him for fartsacking and not spreading his on deadly virus…especially in today’s volatile human compassion.

I quickly said I’ll take it and walked out the door.  I must have rushed as I forgot my gloves.  Thank you Loveseat for sharing a bran-new pair…they were quite fancy and as I explained “I work with my hands…my very sensitive hands” he understood ( I Believe) and brought me a pair from his hidden stash in his car.  It now makes me think about what we all might have in our cars…probably a subject for another time!!!

7 Total PAX showed up for the SSI 4th Year anniversary.  WE’LL come back to this celebration in a minute.

We quickly decided it should be a Group Q…a Better-than-Cowtipper-Q..NO Running and absolutely NO BEAR CRAWLS….we shall see…


I don’t think there was a disclaimer or intro. Just Cowtipper is sick, I’ll lead us and we’ll all pitch in for a the Group Q.

  • Huggers, Tappy Taps and I forgot to add my Finkle Kicks
  • De-constructed SSH; count in cadence; 5,4,3,2,1 with each set being Full SSH, short-arms SSH, No-arms just jacks, and then hops. It’s a crowd pleaser and calf-burner.

With some mumbling we did a short mosey to find some grass for the first of what turned out to be a unique, well-rounded, collective Group Q – we were pretty smoked by the end.


The order was determined by how we were circled in the Warm-up I think it was Fidget Spinner, Blackberry, Lab Rat, Heart Breaker, War Chicken, Loveseat, and then I finished with a few bonus exercises.

Fidget Spinner: he recalled a group exercise learned while away in San Antonio.  The Beltway!

  • Circle up on your hands and knees and …you guessed it..BEAR CRAWL (for Cowtipper) around in a circle.  Someone gets up and runs around the circle until back at open spot, taps the guy ahead and he gets up and runs around.  Finished when all PAX had a chance to run around the beltway.  There was some alternating from Bear Crawl to Lunges.  For our first Group exercise, I think it sucked worse than ATL, LA, and DC traffic combined.


  • Walkdown Burpees with 10 bench jumps.  We did 5 sets, increasing by 1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and were getting smoked.  For those that don’t know.  A walkdown burpee is all the moves of a burpee but your feet never leave the ground.

Lab Rat:

  • Dora; partner up for 200 BBS and 300 LBC with a jog-ish-sprint to some cones and back.  After the second exchange, Lab Rat made a wise decision to reduce the count to 100 BBS and 150 LBC.  The partners were; Lab Rat/Heartbreaker/Siri, Fidget Spinner/War Chicken, Blackberry/Loveseat.  Due to some heavier rain, we moved under cover of the school breezeway.  With Most wrapping up, we did 20 LBC as a group for the few to finish.

Heartbreaker: (we are not sure but might have been his VQ?)

  • A decline merkin/Burpee set.  10 decline merkins, 9 Burpees, 8 D-merk, 7 burp, 6 d-mer, 5 burp, 4 d-merk, 3 burp, 2 d-merk, 1 burpeee.  This sucked and I think smoked half of us pretty well!

(we or maybe it was just I, encourage War Chicken to take it easy on us)

War Chicken:

  • Mosey around parking lot with 3 stops for pain: I actually cant remember what we did.  I think stop 1 was LBC, stop 2 was squats, a backwards run was in there and then stop 3 we may have just stopped?


  • The Merkin-move (I think he created this in his sleep.  He counted 3 merkins, then we arm/crab walked 3 “steps” to the Right for 3 merkins, then 3 “steps” forward for 3 merkins, 3 Left 3 merkins, 3 “steps” downward for 3 ore merkins. There might have been one more “move”…then since there was still alittle time on the clock, Loveseat announced the Hee Haw Smokehouse

5 decline merkins, 10 merkins, 15 incline merkins, and 20 dips


  • I took us back to the Flags (well, actually Loveseat forgot he had the flags and ran to his car and grounded the shovels for the final moments of the 4th year anniversary exercise.)
  • In cadence we did 10 flutter-rosalitas.  Then 3 count Monkey Humpers and single count Gorilla humpers..toasted and called it.  Fidget added a set of box-cutters just for fun!


7 PAX got out of bed on a rainy Feb morning, entered the Gloom to better themselves: Loveseat, Blackberry, War Chicken, Fidget Spinner, Siri, Heartbreaker, Lab Rat.

Announcements and Prayer:  Some serious prayers for a child’s funeral (Lab Rat not only wrote the baby dedication song – he today had to sing it at the child’s funeral, my dad’s Kidney cancer in his arm, Fidget’s parents/dad’s health, Tim Carlson, and others…  what an amazing time for 7 guys, sweaty and wet from the rain to bow heads, circle together, and humble selves in prayer to our Lord.  Oh Lord, How we need you!

Manna House this Sat 3/7

Men’s Breakfast w/ Davis Love 3/11

Naked-man Moleskin:

So today, March 05, 2020 marks 4 years since the start of F3 SSI.  Huge claps to Cowtipper for his move and initiative to take this crazy Charlotte  NC workout concept and determination to make it happen on our little Island.  And more thanks to Hee Haw, well for being Hee Haw – he’s AWESOME (love to see you around more often) and then for Up Town Girl for his enthusiasm and dedication to continue to promote F3 and build leaders, strengthen men, and fellowship with us – all three F’s for sure.  I have the Nantan title now and hope to see you all year 5, 6, 7, and beyond.  Look, War Chicken is 62 and some of you are still in your 30’s (maybe a handful in their 20’s)..just image F3 in 30 years from now.  We’ll wear out the benches at OPES, we’ll start swimming across the pond at SSCC (with weights of course), and who knows what all we’ll do in the next 30 years down at the pier…maybe help dismantle the Golden Ray – bolt by bolt.

So today didn’t feel much different than any other Renegade workout.  No Cake or balloons, no fireworks or sparklers, no special guest from F3 Nation and no one over 3 years present. (Loveseat was senior in the group) Actually no one there from the original start – CowTipper had a bug, Hee Haw was out, Rosebud unfortunately had been MIA (miss you man); BM, TwobuckChuck, Twinkle Toes, Milkbone and D2 have conflicts….But Today was different, we (there or not) celebrated the 4th Year of F3 SSI.  Come when you can, be as consistent as you can, be intentional, be accountable, and know that this group – F3 SSI is here to stay!  We are working on something special this month (hopefully) to really celebrate our anniversary.  See you all in the Gloom…no seriously, SET YOUR ALARMS, WAKE UP, and JOIN US in the GLOOM!


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