But wait… There’s more


It’s been awhile since I Q’d a workout and I thought it was time to step up. Since I don’t get to come during the week very often I came up with something I can do before work. I thought I would do that but with more. With that being said 5 PAX & 1 2.0 got up early on nice 40 degree Saturday morning to better themselves.


Mosey to East end of pier for ssh, weed pickers, imperial walkers and lbc forward and backward.

The Thang

From end of pier back to entrance.

  • broad jump with 10 squats.

Great job by Siri knocking these out. Then with a mosey over to playground area at the end of the pier for.

  • 10×4 count in cadence
  • Bulgarian split squats each leg
  • Declined merkins
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Baryshnikov squats
  • Wide merkins
  • Monkey jumpers
  • Inclined merkins

Mosey over to the top of SSI mountain for.

Lunge walk down to flat part

Run to corner in front of light house then back

20 single count mountain climbers

Bear crawl to top then

10 single count merkins.

Did this set for 5 rounds. Major props to Yogi he crushed this. Yogi actually did 6 times he helped me make it through my last round. At the end 4 PAX were either lying face down or on their knees. We then slowsied overed to picnic tables picking up a coupon on the way for.

  • Bicep colt 45’s
  • Bent over rows x 45
  • Overhead press x 45
  • Then give it all ya got to flagpole

Waiting for us at the end sitting in a rocking chair we had a special guest. From a distance I thought it was Grandpa Jones but it was just Uptowngirl.


Siri, Yogi Bear, Heartbreaker, Loveseat, Sharktooth, and Uptown girl

Anouncement & Prayers.


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