Leap Day

Alternate title: Six Lords a Leaping

Six men met on a crisp morning for the first ever F3 St. Simons Leap Day workout.    I was a little slow in getting out of bed after playing poker last night with Fidget Spinner,  Dodgeball, War Chicken, Gepetto, and future F3-er Cocoa Butter (not sure where that name came from, but that’s what I was told we should name him should we convince him to come out).  My personal highlight was Cocoa Butter referring to War Chicken as Mr. Chicken.  And also War Chicken’s determination to see every card and never fold, which actually worked for him for awhile. Fidget Spinner ended up the big winner of the night.

Anyway, back to this morning.  Our theme was Leap Day, so we focused on leaping exercises.

warmup – mosey down beach, then Jeff imperial walkers, don quixotes, assortment of plank moves.

First up – leap frog with partner.  Leapfrog partner and do a burpee, they jump you and do a burpee, etc.  Down the beach.

next, pick a partner and a rock.  Burpee broadjump dora – one partner does rock exercises whole the other burpee broad jumps down the beach and runs back  Rock exercises were over the shoulders, thrusters, and tricep extensions.

the plank ladder – line up shoulder to shoulder in plank, last man hops the legs of every pax until at front of line then planks in front of first man.  Keep going till we’re all down the beach.

did a set of squats and some more plank exercises just for fun.

3 man monkey rolls – if you’ve played high school football you should be familiar with these.  Lot of jumping and rolling involved.

Indian rock run back.  Mosey in line, Man at front of line throws big rock, runs to back of line, rinse repeat.  Mrs. Howell got very motivated to try to catch up to this little old lady and her small dog, but we didn’t make it.

merkin moves at mt. St. Simons.  Get in plank, 3 merkins, plank walk 3 counts in the direction I call, 3 merkins, repeat a whole lot.

finished with crunchy frogs – 25 4 count in cadence.







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