Rip Some Muscles

Six PAX took the DRP and circled up in the gloom for IronMan.   Well, actually it was 5 PAX and one straggler who made it six a little while later.  That would be Blackberry, who instead of bring the heavy weights I’d requested, bought a can of seltzer.    Ready to roll was myself, War Chicken, Dodgeball, Butterfinger, and Loveseat.   It was a nice, cool, overcast morning – great for a workout.

We did a few quick warmups including:

LBAC forward and back

The Workout

Lately I’ve been going to the local gym to lift weights on Tuesday afternoons.   I love my F3 workouts but pumping iron is just a different type of workout and it clearly hits me in a different way.   When I leave, I feel pumped up and I’ve been sore for days after lifting.  I know that both types of exercise are good for us but I kinda liked feeling those muscles burning.   I was talking about this at the poker night which I hosted a few nights ago and Dodgeball said we don’t usually tear muscles the same way at F3 as when you are lifting weights in a gym.     (again, not saying one is better).

I’d already told the AOQ, Butterfinger, last week that I may be missing Tuesdays because of this schedule change.   Today; however, my daughter has a soccer game at 5:00 PM so I decided to pickup the Q and get my workout in this morning.

I wanted to replicate the types of weight-lifting workouts we’d get a gym so I made a circuit where each person took an exercise and we just went around the circle.   In order to help burn out the muscle group, we stayed at the same exercise for 3 sets.

The sets were 40 seconds AMRAP with 20 second recovery.    3 sets same exercise, then we rotated around the circuit and did the next exercises.

  • Overhead Press (40 pound sandbag)
  • Bicep Curls (options of 30 pound dumbbells, 30 pound rucksack)
  • Weighted Squats
  • Weighted Bench Step Ups (borrowed a side table from the patio)
  • Behind the head Tricep Extensions w/ kettlebell
  • 30-pound sandbag power slams (kneel, power clean pickup, over head and slam to ground, repeat)

With about 10 minutes to go when we all finished the circuit, we got on our six and did 3 sets each of BBS and Flutterkicks.

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements and Prayers:
F3 Prayer Breakfast with Davis Love III next Tuesday
Prayers for Steven Waters family
Praise that Wyatt Kersey had successful surgery
Prayers for Tim Carlson, division in our nation, virus, etc.

Naked Man Moleskin

We like to tease Blackberry about being late, but better late than never, and he balanced out the circuit.   He made up for it by going crazy on the reps.     My hat is off to Loveseat, who’d committed to bring sandbags before he realized he’d be up past midnight working on taxes.   It would’ve been an easy morning to fartsack for him.

My personal #gethealthy journey is going well.  My 2020 commitment was to focus on being more healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Physically, I’m finally working out more now that I’ve gotten past a month of being sick.   I’ve lost 22 pounds since January 4th.

Spiritually, I am making good decisions and trying my best to stay faithful to some simple disciplines like Bible reading, prayer, and worship.   I’m also being more self aware of any issues of sin, resentment, contempt, or unforgiveness that I need to deal with.

Emotionally, I’ve been journaling more than ever before.  I have a template that I use every night that asks me a few questions:

What happened today?
What could have made today better?  (this will really get you)
What am I grateful for today?
What did I do to serve, affirm, or bless my wife and kids today?
What’s my goals tomorrow?

Processing through these simple questions has been a good way to wind down each evening and is becoming a part of my bedtime routine.   It’s helping me emotionally because I’m more self aware and in touch.

Love all you guys – you are my tribe.

Fred McKinnon
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