Substitute Q

Arrived at the AO in time to get out of the vehicle and begin a workout. Dunphy, our supposed Q, was catching up on Zzzz’s after celebrating the Trump victory. YHC took over the Q on the fly.

Weather was brisk, 55 degrees, and 5 of us attempted to work up a sweat.

30-Moroccan Night Club
Iron Cross while each Pax gave thanks
30-Wonder Bra

Partner Up
1 partner runs a suicide
60-Squats combined

Dunphy finally shows up

15-box jumps
15-box jump right side
15-box jump left side
30-step ups
30-toe taps
30-calf raises
15-Tempo Calf Raises-IC

Circle Up-IC
15-Negative Tempo Big Boy Sit Ups
90second Boat/canoe

Cut the workout a little shirt to welcome our new FNG’s. Cam Mayers (Bird Dog) and John Limburg (DrJ).

Prayer Requests
Dude from here (forgot name) going to Mexico City for a month for Stem Cell therapy.
Young daughter of a fellow islander.


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